Who we are…


Motion Beyond is a Business 2 Business e-commerce platform about to revolutionise the way you source and purchase your aluminium products!

When we set out to build this business, we set the goal of becoming the market leading facilitator and access point for aluminium product trading.  We offer up-to-date inventory levels and pricing, electronic payment solutions and flexible delivery options to suit your business and its everchanging demands – all brought to you by the click of a button.

With Motion Beyond and our state of the art e-commerce systems, your business will be able to integrate and automate much of its buying processes while ensuring you never run out of stock… at the right price!  You will be able to obtain your products at the most cost-effective rates while taking advantage of our regular flash sales and promotion campaigns.

By using Motion Beyond, many of your logistical challenges will be reduced as we will source your needs and product requirements against our inventory levels and suppliers – a service delivered to you via a state of the art administrative technology system.  By using the Motion Beyond portal, you will be taking advantage of efficiencies in both time taken to source and purchase your products, but also see the discounts afforded to you for buying in larger quantities.

All this being done in a fraction of the time it used to take up, freeing you up to focus on what matters most: running your business.

Our Focus

Our passion for service delivery and operational excellence has inspired us to create new innovative methods for a sustainable future for both your business and ultimately your clients.  We guarantee a safe trade payment platform by using secured and registered service providers to ensure protection against your personal information and data being compromised.


Managing everything in one place…

Helping you grow

By managing everything in one place, your business can grow by taking advantage of:

  • Integrated Systems Capability
  • Automation of Purchases
  • Efficient Accounting Procedures and Recordkeeping
  • Flexible Shipping / Delivery Options
  • Secure Payment Options
  • Take Advantage of Promotional Campaigns and Flash Sales
  • Wholesale Discounts
  • Streamlined Operational Efficiencies

Moving forward to build a sustainable future

We strive to have a positive impact on customers and employees alike, and to help build the economy by supporting local businesses and our communities. We plan to adapt to your suit your business’ needs, continuously reinventing ourselves to ensure a sustainable and profitable outcomes for all involved.